Zombie Royale.io


Zombie Royale.io

Zombie Royale.io is an excellent horror game with a zombies theme where you need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse


Do you enjoy playing zombie games and viewing zombie movies? If that's the case, then Zombie Royale.io is the game for you. Defeat Zombie Bosses in order to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. To upgrade and acquire stuff, earn as much money as possible. Demonstrate both your quickness and your eye-hand coordination. You'll have a great time if you prepare properly. RIGHT NOW, PLAY!


To move, place your thumb on the screen and drag the mouse. In both worlds, your goal is to aid survivors, kill as many zombies and bosses as possible, and gather money. Kill other players until you're the last one standing in PVP mode. In Care Mode, locate all gas and fill up the automobile to depart the epicenter.


- The game is simple to play yet extremely addictive.
- The graphics and animation will immerse you in the game.
- There are 14 different languages to pick from throughout the game.
- There are now 9 Heroes available in the game.
- You can only unlock each Hero after you've achieved a certain level.
- Each hero has a unique story to tell.
- You may increase the power of heroes as well as their stats.
- Use the Shop, Achievements, and Daily Rewards to earn stuff and rewards.
- Complete quests/missions to unlock more than fifteen zombies.
- Passive Abilities: Critical Shot, Bonus to Gold, Quick Shot, and Amplified Shot can all be upgraded.
- Increase the multiplier by keeping an eye on the ads.
- There are two Normal Worlds and two League Modes in the game.
- Ben Hills and San Dimas are two different worlds.
- There are two League Modes: PVP Mode (Level 3) and PVP Mode (Level 2). Car Mode (Level 4)
- This game will put your speed, precision, accuracy, and eye-hand coordination to the test.


You need to drag to move

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