The Dawn Of Slenderman


The Dawn Of Slenderman

The Dawn Of Slenderman is an awesome horror game in which you will step into the shoes of a character lost in the vast darkness 



You need to step into the shoes of your character lost in the vast darkness sinister and endless forest as you help him navigate his environment meticulously, protecting his backside and aiming to collect a complete of 8 lost pages in order to complete the game

You are feeling something is approaching, the danger is just about the corner, and you simply can't contain your nerves.

You are feeling that something is approaching, that hazard is just nearby, and you simply can't hold your nerves. Is it possible to complete all of your missions without risking your daily life? 

Run from destination to place, enter empty buildings, explore covered cardboard bins, and survive the dangerous creepypasta character called Slenderman, a humanoid-looking, infinitely large, a faceless brain that is preparing to take your daily life in case you are not so careful. All the best…


WASD or arrow keys = walk around.

Left mouse button = shoot.

Right mouse button = aim.

Mouse wheel = change weapons.

G = grenade.

R = reload.

F = pickup Items.

Left Shift = Run.

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