Granny House


Granny House

Granny House is an awesome horror game - one of the most popular ones in the escape survival genre.



The game currently offers 3 methods.

In Escape Mode, you will see 2 players designated as a Granny- the seekers- and 4 players as Dorothy, the hiders. 

Players will be participating against the other person after being arbitrarily assigned their tasks

Dorothy players must collect 3 hints scattered throughout the house to have the ability to escape the region


The next mode is named Infection Mode, wherein players play by the easy rule of escape or catch. To put it simply, you’ll get arbitrarily preferred as either Granny or Dorothy. Whenever a Granny catches a Dorothy, their tasks will be switched


The 3rd and previous mode is Story Mode. Here, escaping is much more enjoyable. Players enter a match in communities. All are Dorothy plus they can select from 6 different tasks: the Bomber, the Thrower, the Trapper, the Puppeteer, the Beater, and the Healer.



Apart from the modes, Granny’s house has character customization. While you progress on the overall game, you’ll be getting rewards that you can use to improve your character’s appearance and attributes. 

You may adjust how your Dorothy and Granny look from top to toe and level up their skills.


There’s also a rank system. Since you boost your experience tips by participating in, your ranking also rises. That is one of the stand-out top features of this game that other online horror video games have yet to provide. It offers players grounds to continue grinding.


You need to use a mouse for controls

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