FNAF World


FNAF World

Fnaf World is a horror game that gives the animatronics an opportunity to be the heroes for change although they seem to have moments of malevolence.


The gamer has two modes to experience in Adventure and Fixed Party. The game also offers two difficulty levels to choose from, Normal and Hard. The participant starts by choosing two gatherings comprising four characters each. The starter characters, the initial and toy variations of the first main game titles characters, can all be swapped in and from the get-together. 

As the participant continues, they accumulate more characters to put in their get together, with there being 40 characters available altogether from over the first four video games

On the way, an identity known as Fredbear gives the player tips about what to do next. These pointers frequently rest on the fourth wall thanks to Fredbear's seeming knowledge of the situation he's placed in.


The gameplay involves exploring through the game world and accessing new areas Once new areas are discovered and a particular button is pressed in them, the participant may use "jumping" to teleport between each area via an overworld map. 

First, the earth was depicted in a 2D Atari-like style, but by Version 1.2 released in-may 2016, the world has been redesigned into that of a pre-rendered 3D style. 

Many enemy characters are available throughout the game, each exclusive with their own area, which may be battled with.

Upon defeating an enemy, the participant will gain experience tips and "Faz Tokens", which are being used to buy upgrades such as "chips" and "bytes" to assist the participant through the game.



You can use the mouse to control

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