FNAF Sister Location


FNAF Sister Location

Fnaf  Sister Location is the fifth game in Scott Cawthon's Five Nights series which is a bit different from other previous four games


You will discover two major differences between Sister Location and the previous FNAF games. One, Sister Location grants you a restricted range of activities. You are not locked into an individual room; you can crawl between elements of the underground bunker you work out of.

Second, and much more notably, Sister location does not have you do it again the same process night after night. Instead, every night responsibilities you with a fresh task you must complete (and survive through).

Also, a lot of the game's unsettling atmosphere is delivered via psychological cat-and-mouse with the participant. There's lots of tone of voice operating in Sister Location, and each character has an alternative account of past happenings that transpired, and just why you should trust/help them alternatively, listen to the other



Your first night in Sister Location is a gimme. HandUnit introduces you to someone to animatronics and explains the fundamentals of active. You need to give each animatronic a great shock, which surely endears them to you. In that case, your shift's over do not get comfortable; all of those other games aren't practicing this simple.

The second night tasks you with hiding under a desk, and keeping the entranceway closed against Baby's tiny terrors, the BidyBabs. 

Keep carefully the hiding location closed firmly by retaining the mouse button and tugging on the indicated area. Ensure that your mouse doesn't travel outside the said area. You then have to walk through Ballora's auditorium to reboot the energy grid. 

Go gradually, and pay attention to her music for cues according to Baby's advice. When rebooting the energy grid, lower the screen when the Danger notification gets too much.

The third night has you fixing animatronics. Utilize the adobe flash beacon on the path to Freddy and Bonnie. Press the buttons as instructed (Bonnie is a slippery devil, so take action quickly with him). 

Utilize the adobe flash beacon again to reunite through Foxy's place. If you get her super-fast, stay still for a little.



You need to use a mouse for controls

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