Five nights at Freddy's 4 (Fnaf 4) is both different and similar to the previous games in this series in which you need to survive up till 6 AM, watching out murderous animatronics and being subject to jumpscares.



To begin with, you don’t have any cameras. You’re caught up|jammed in one room the entire time. You could proceed to different vantage things in the area, however, and doing this is very important to overall survival.

There’s no ability meter. The only device functioning on ability in this game is the torch, and it lasts the complete night. That is good except that you can’t leave doors sealed for as long as ability permits anymore. You need to be beside a door and carry! it down with a keyboard press. That is bad, as this means you aren’t taking a look at the other door.

Sound cues are significantly important. These were of differing importance in past games-middling in the first game, saturated in the second, relatively lower in the third-but now they’re essential. 

In the event that you don’t have a good couple of headphones, you won't survive. So when I say good headphones, After all a complete couple. An individual ear won’t get it done}.

The flashlight is no automated savior anymore. It could, in fact, damage you if you utilize it incorrectly. More on that in a little bit.



The overall game boils down to this: you survive utilizing the flashlight to illuminate the animatronics and scare them away before they get too close. 

If they're too close, you close whatever door they’re near in their face until they lumber away.



Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 has five dangerous animatronics


Bonnie the Big Purple Rabbit should come at you from the left door, and when of course, if you glimmer your flashlight down that hallway you will often see him skulking at the far end. 

Bonnie is the simpler animatronics to avoid-all you must do is adobe flash the hallway periodically



The bad bird of the gang is actually the contrary of Bonnie, coming at you from the right door rather than the left. 

Bonnie’s guidelines apply when interacting with Chica.


Foxy will wreak havoc on your torch once he’s in the closet, so keep looking into him to avoid this flickering. (And, you understand, to avoid imminent loss of life.) 

Foxy pushes you to definitely juggle four responsibilities alternatively than three, so keeping him out is of paramount importance.



Freddy is pretty much always in the area, initially taking the proper execution of 3 demonic plushies that can look behind your backside. 

You will need to adobe flash the bed constantly to avoid these little creeps from multiplying, because once all three are on the bed



The best man comes out to play 

Fredbear is a single player in his levels, therefore I've included information about how to combat him under Night} 5, below.



You need to stare down Springtrap in a hallway and make an effort to illuminate him when he stops on an X on the floor in front of you



You need to use your mouse for controlling

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