Evil Granny: Horror Village


Evil Granny: Horror Village

Evil Granny: Horror Village is an awesome horror game in the category of Games For Girls and you can also play without fee in fnaf.onl



Maybe it was something in the well water or a vengeful soul that possessed her, however in Evil Granny: Horror Village, there’s something not right about granny. Actually, she's become so lost in the darkness that she'll hunt you down and kill you without reason! 

All you have to do in each degree of this unblocked game is find a treasure box or make it to another simple goal. But make one false move, and her blood-curdling shriek is the very last thing you’ll hear.

Horror Village is a whole new game where you will face Scary Evil Granny that are looking to find and remove you. 

You must find all the treasure boxes and get away from Horror Village. But beware from Scary Evil Granny.



It’s already scary enough traveling a deep and desolate village in complete darkness, however in this video game, you have to take every footstep knowing maybe it's your last. 

That psycho woman is always nearby, and regardless of what you do, she'll eventually find you. 

So stop wasting time when you’re choosing those aims. If you’re smart and fast, you merely might survive. Evil Granny: Horror Village is absolved to play, but it could just set you back your sanity!


Use WASD or Arrows to move, 

Space to jump, 

Shift to run and E to interact.

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